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VAWA Adjudicator Training

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With the narrowed scope of Title IX under the final regulations, many higher education institutions provide a separate process that does not involve a hearing for resolving complaints of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking that do not fall under Title IX. Even if a complaint does not fall under Title IX, however, the institution must still comply with VAWA when conducting a disciplinary proceeding related to a complaint of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking. VAWA requires that institutions provide specialized training on an annual basis to individuals responsible for adjudicating sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking proceedings. Given these legal obligations, the recent changes to the legal landscape, the heightened focus on sexual misconduct on campus, and the increasing complexity of sexual misconduct adjudications, it is more important than ever that your adjudicators are well-trained.

Join us for an in-depth training specifically designed for adjudicators in non-Title IX sexual misconduct matters. The benefits of our training extend beyond simply satisfying your annual VAWA training requirements. Our training is conducted by Higher Education attorneys who regularly advise institutions on all aspects of the sexual misconduct process, from policy drafting through the final resolution of sexual misconduct matters. Because these attorneys also have extensive experience investigating and adjudicating sexual misconduct cases for institutions, this training incorporates first-hand, real world experience and provides practical guidance on navigating the complex issues that arise during this process.

This session will also specifically address the impact and challenges of trauma in adjudicating allegations of misconduct. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to put their training into action as they work together to adjudicate a sexual misconduct case and receive valuable, in-the-moment feedback from Higher Education attorneys.

This training will cover:

• Legal overview of Title IX and VAWA

• The role and responsibilities of adjudicators

• The effects of trauma

• Best practices for decision-making

• Drafting a notice of outcome

• Adjudication of a hypothetical case

Please contact if you have any questions regarding group pricing

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Originally Recorded
November 4, 2020
3 hours (approx.)
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VAWA Adjudicator Training

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