Panel Discussion on Interviewing Survivors of Sexual Assault

Interviewing survivors of sexual assault requires sensitivity and strategy. Investigators must walk a fine line between conducting an impartial and thorough interview on the one hand, while avoiding tactics that could add further trauma to a victim on the other. Title IX requires institutions to train individuals with heightened responsibility on working with and interviewing persons subject to sexual violence.

Are your institution’s investigators, hearing panels, and intake personnel prepared for the unique challenge of speaking with survivors?

Join us for an educational panel discussion on interviewing survivors, featuring experts from the fields of law enforcement, victim advocacy, and higher education law. These experts will address the difficulties of interviewing survivors, discuss best practices, and share lessons learned from their experiences. They will also discuss the use of memorandums of understanding (MOU) with law enforcement and victim services providers.

The 60-minute training and additional 30-minute Q&A will cover:

  • Ways to make a survivor feel safe and comfortable
  • Topics and questions to avoid
  • Tips for gaining the information you need
  • Memorandums of understanding
  • Experience and examples from experts

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Originally Recorded
April 30, 2015
Full training video and PDF of training materials
90 mins (approx.)

Panel Discussion on Interviewing Survivors of Sexual Assault