Drafting an Investigation Report


Under the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act regulations, institutions must allow parties in a complaint process access to all information considered by a decision-maker in any informal or formal proceedings. To comply with this requirement, many institutions choose to pass information from investigators to adjudicators in the form of an investigation report. Because of the importance of this documentation to the adjudication process, and the need to make it available to parties and their advisors in cases of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking, it is essential investigation reports be thorough and effective.

Join us for a 60-minute training on best practices for drafting investigation reports. Participants will leave this training with a road map on how to successfully draft their next investigation report.

This training will cover: 

  • The purpose of an investigation report.
  • Elements to include in a report.
  • Important considerations to make when drafting a report.

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Originally Recorded
April 13, 2016
Full training video and PDF of training materials
1.5 hours (approx)

Drafting an Investigation Report